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The first Tantric massage service here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that offer their guests a variety of massages that allow their relaxation and well-being. Dont miss this chance if you are in Addis Ababa.

Tantric massages, for relaxation and

Given by Addis Ababa young and beautiful professional girls with so soft hands and curvy body. the tantric massages, divided into several types (lingam massages, yoni massages, nuru massages, tantric ritual, among others), will reconnect you with yourself, allow Self-knowledge about your own body, spirit and mind and find a balance and peace, like you never thought it would be possible.

Tantric massages are based on a philosophy of more than 4,500 years of history, named Tantra. Tantra means expansion (tan) and liberation (tra). The goal is to expand self-knowledge, to escape from factual and rational thinking, to get in touch with your inner self, the divinity, and the energies that surround us and, with that, allow to free yourself and be fully relaxed. read More 

Body to body massage, is a kind of sensual massage. A full body massage where the masseuse does not use only their hands, but the naked body to stimulate the customer. read More

Originally, Lingam, meaning “landmark” or “inference” is the symbol of masculine energy. It is also the Sanskrit word for “penis” and, in this context, acquires the meaning of “rod of light”. In this sense, lingam massages are only made for men who want to achieve the fullness of self-knowledge of their body, sexuality and to explore new sensations and More

Unlike other tantra massages or sensual massages, the Nuru Massage was invented in Japan, in the city of Kawasaki. The word nuru means “slippery” or “soft”. For this reason, nuru massage uses a special lotion for this purpose, nuru gel.  read More

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